Friday, October 29, 2010


to whom may concern, this is for you

yes and no

give me a chance

oh crap!

sleep talker.

hahaha sori lah sebab tertido time u tgh ckp..hahaha sebab time tu penat baru balik kerja xhilang lagi.thanks for sing me a song tht nite.


kau kawan aku kawan kita kawan jadi jangan and tolong lah jaga air muka aku. kau musnahkan harapan yg aku baru nak bina . ini kah kawan? bukan kali ni je tapi dah bayak kali dah kau buat sampai orang takt nak berkawan dengan aku lagi. kau buat aku makin benci dengan tingkah laku kau.harap lepas ni jangan kita berkawan lagi.


harap harap ade lagi lah...

Monday, October 25, 2010

when a girl sing a song to your ears....

it makes me feel happy :) i got something important things to tell u that i loves you girl.

oh kawan

i helped my friend to get a job at parkson pavilion and he got it. syukur alhamdulillah.

congrats to A Z L A N S H A H and I Z Z A D I B R A H IM


halloween ride with my peeps!!!! pedal power mode

Friday, October 22, 2010

i m i n t o

c i r c a s u r v i v e

s i t i a i s h a h

correct or wrong spell your name? anyway i like you girl :)

trust me and i love you


beiber fever!!!!!!!!!!!!

hate that f*&^%$ crap! im into K-POP right now. AFTER SCHOOL CRAZEE


im having trouble sleeping lately,but when i hear your voice i became more sleepier than ever.thanks for singing a song for me. u look so cute and i like it that way.

you like, i like

dear beard,
miss u man.please grow faster and i feel sorry to shave you because of my work. hope you understand.

old fashion

as we grow older,our skill to tackle woman become blunt. hahaha or im to old to be loving?

miss my

b i c y c l e a n d f o r t h o s e w h o i c a r e a l o t

it hurts when

she doesnt loves you anymore